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The Art of Wrapping

Wrapping a gift can be tricky and challenging at the same time. You can never be satisfied with your gift wrapping skills because it’s not for yourself and when you give something to someone you always want to put forward your best acquired skills.


Tip: Putting a gift in empty boxes like; cereal, teabag, cracker etc. makes it easier for wrapping because it is easier to wrap a box. You can always use recycled paper for wrapping and newspaper.

Here is the method for perfectly wrapped gift:

1. If you are reusing your paper, iron it. If the paper has a pattern, use the design as a guide to cut along. If your present is soft or odd-shaped, put it in a box. Lay the present upside down on the paper.


2. Make sure you have enough paper to fit around the present both lengthways and widthways. Wrap the paper tightly around the present widthways, and affix with tape. Then cut the paper at the two shorter sides so that it measures to just under the depth of the present, and no more. if you have too much paper you get lumpy sides.


3. Fold in the two opposite short sides so that they are completely flat against the present. The other two opposite sides should appear as a triangle. Then, when you fold in each of the four diagonal corners, there will be no lumps. It looks like origami when you do it properly.


4. Keeping the paper as smooth as possible, pull the longer flaps up and fix with tape. Turn it over, and you have a perfectly wrapped present.


 5. Time to decorate. If you have wrapped with a plain paper add a “belly band” round the middle. Cut a narrow strip of wrapping paper, wrap it tightly around the present and fix with tape. This will add colour to your wrapping.

56. For more grace and making your present look good to the sight; Ribbon your gift neatly, the secret is to loop the ribbon the opposite way to the one you think is correct.



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