Student Hacks I Learned as a Successful Student

Student Hacks I Learned as a Successful Student

Being buried under books is probably one of the harshest decisions you might be taking for yourself. Over preparing has its perks but let me lay this out for you: anything done in excess or even trying too hard leads to failing and not getting the results you desire.

It’s popularly quoted and said over and over that there is no such thing as a stupid question. When you do ask though make sure it contributes to the current discussion. Even if you want to clear a concept. Believe me, teachers LOVE when students ask challenging and interesting questions.


Being someone who likes to understand rather than memorize, it’s always good to listen and most importantly ask questions. Asking questions is one of the major keys to help you move ahead in your academic life.

I’ve interacted with my teachers and had long conversations about life and philosophy. Their only concern is they want to know if you understand. Let them know. Make their day better. In the end, you are the one gaining from all of it.

Talking to your teachers saves time and you don’t have to go through that majorly thick book sitting on your night stand. They tell you what’s important and want you to exercise your mental skills to apply and utilize when you face the outside world.



School and college are the most interesting aspects of our life. You learn the most. As we face success and failure, they build up our personality and determine the person we will be for the rest of our lives.


Thus, my favorite study hack is: be genuine towards your academic books, lectures and all the lessons you learn. Do all the work. Try avoiding shortcuts however tempting they may be because in the end you will be hurting yourself only.

The experiences and the teachings will mild your character and what you will give to yourself. Remember to keep in mind the goal of being a better and defined individual than you were yesterday.


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