RAMAZAN – The Month of Gifting and Giving

Ramazan, the holy month when we finally detox, mentally, spiritually and Physically. Well the Physical part we try because this month is filled with delicious traditional delights. An Iftar without Pakorey and Lal Sherbet feels incomplete. You just cant say no to all the food around you and it actually makes you happy.


This month is also about being generous. Let’s be Generous in giving, be it a smile, a cordial hello, sadka, Zakat and even RAMAZAN GIFTS. The blessings you get in return are accounted for more in the eyes of the Almighty then the rest of the year.

Many cant seem to figure out how to give a little differently. Here is where we step in. You may think thinking in month of Ramazan is ideal, tohfay believes every day should be a gift sending day to spread happiness, but then that is another story, another blog.

Want to send just some mithai? Or perhaps a gourmet food basket, a big box full of Ramazan ration or some sweet smelling ittar, the options are countless to suit your liking and need. So why do we stick to the same old same old when the the gift of giving go beyond the limits with tohfay.com.

Need some Ramazan Gift Ideas? We have selected some gifts you might like:

Iftar Delicious Gifts:

Iftar is seriously the HIGHLIGHT of Ramazan. We look forward  to iftar time like kids no matter what our age. Making someone’s Iftar better is not only a blessing but a gift apart. You can send your loved one and Iftari deal from one of the restruants offered at tohfay or send them one of our Iftari deal.

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Sehri Deals and Gifts:

Why only stick to Iftar when sehri can be as delicious. You can send Sehri deals to someone who loves starting the Holy days with sweet nourishment. Check some delicious treats we have for Sehri Deals.



Roza Kushai and Eidi:

The excitement of our first roza and the almost wed getting their Eidi during Ramazan is priceless. Fuel the excitement with sweet Gift options from tohfay, from great Roza Kushai Deals which can turn into a Roza Kushai Party to customized gifts for Eidi Gifts. Do send some Love from tohfay.com this Ramazan.

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Sadka and Fidyaah:

Generosity doesnt end with gifts but extends through the support service that tohfay gives to all the customers around the world looking to give Sadka, Zakat, Fidyaah and other forms of charity.

Tohfay believes in spreading happiness and love through gifts. Experience Online Gift giving at it’s best all across Pakistan from Tohfay.com

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