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Why is it that when nothing comes to mind we end up giving Flowers or some kind of sweets (cakes, chocolates, etc) on birthdays, weddings and various other Occasions or just moments. Whether you are missing someone, congratulating or apologizing, flowers and sweets are the most common go to gift. This is because flowers and sweets are neutral, convey different messages and no matter what the occasion is they are always appreciated. They surely put a smile on the angriest face 🙂

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Believe it or not, the language of flowers covers even our negative feelings. Most people send flowers as a sign of love or friendship but you can also give flowers that mean the opposite. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why you would send someone you don’t like flowers? Well, sometimes, you have to interact with people you don’t like but still get into a situation where you need to send them a gift, Like a mean Mother-in Law or a distant relative etc. Examples of these flowers are Basil Flower, Peony, Oleander and Snapdragon. but let us not send anyone of these as we should all focus on Spreading Happiness.


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Sweets come in all shapes and sizes and taste and MOST people can’t refuse anything sweet. Thus Sweets make an ideal gift as well.

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Gifting in these days have become really easy thanks to e-commerce and internet. Now you can send gifts, flowers, cakes, chocolates, and even mithai online through with just a click of a button from the comfort of your own home. Isnt that wonderful? Give it a go and you will love the experience!

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