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The Holy month of Ramazan is upon us and Pakistani Muslims just like Muslims from across the globe are celebrating the holy blessings.  Indeed the beauty of Ramazan is the fasting… the control of oneself from not eating or drinking…. has been celebrating the holy month of Ramazan from our beginning web birth. For us the celebration is creating products and ideas that allow our customers to celebrate.  Few years ago Tohfay launched the most unique service of sending Iftari packages to many cities of Pakistan starting with Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad. Today after so many years this wonderful service has expanded to many more areas. Tohfay customers can send Iftari gifts and Iftari packages to over thirteen cities of Pakistan.


Keeping the same spirit of innovating for our valuable clients, this year we have developed a full fledge opportunity where in any of our customer sitting across the world  who wishes to do a Fidyah can use web site and service to reach the needy people who can avail it.

Offering Fidyah (Compensation for not Fasting) Through Tohfay 

Just to elaborate… for those that miss any days of fasting during Ramadan, there are two types of missed fasts. For any days missed through necessity, Fidyah is payable as when someone cannot fast in Ramazan and can make them up afterwards (due to ill health or pregnancy) they pay for someone else to be fed.  Compensation must be given by feeding another poor Muslim brother or sister with 2 meals a day for every day of fasting not observed. Fulfilling the need of fidyah may become a difficult task for those living in developed countries (and especially primarily non-Muslim countries such as USA, Canada in North America or Britain, German, Ireland etc in Europe where it is not possible to locate a poor need person every day to be fed. In such situations one may assign the responsibility to a trustworthy individual or organization. has done just that, combining efforts of our sister concern Mamoo in Pakistan (, we have started organizing fidyah meals for hundreds of our customers through booking orders on our web sites. This is a service purely arranged to allow customers to complete their religious obligations..but at the same time it also allows such a great opportunity to share the wealth and table of food from the wealthy and given Pakistani Muslims to their needy brothers and sisters back home.. Tohfay does not charge our regular profits for this service and only a minor financial and administrative charge is added to the cost value of fidyah offered.

As part of this service, proper food will be organized and arranged by This means Tohfay is organizing fidyahourselves and no third party charity organization is being used. The spirit of feeding the poor for ‘Fidyah’ should not be simply feeding any meal but in fact what you would have eaten yourselves and thus keeping this in view at Tohfay we have kept a certain minimum value attached to meals arranged as food that properly feeds a genuine needy person. And so when you book a fidyah order food is bought of that value of two meals and distributed to the needy person(s). For people who are willing to use this service it must be noted that fidyah for one roza is equivalent to 2 meals per day. The amount can be multiplied according to the missed days of fasting (roza).

Offering KaffarahThrough Tohfay Services

0_1403929230Similar to Fidyah, we have also launched the service to organize Kaffarah meals. Kaffarah is the compensation that you should give if you deliberately miss or break a fast in the month of Ramazan without a valid reason.  One must then fast continuously for sixty days to compensate. If they cannot do so (for a valid reason), then they should feed sixty poor or needy people, or spend in charity an amount equal to feeding sixty people. Thus Kaffarah for one roza is equivalent to 120 meals (i.e. 2 times meal to sixty poor or needy people). This amount can be multiplied according to the skipped days of fasting (roza) and you can use this amazing service

As we wish you Happy Ramazan, we also wish that our custmers who may need this service can now be at comfort that they can share their blessings with those who deserve

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