Mango Lovin’

1 What my family and I have with mango is more of a love affair than anything else, and I’m sure most of you feel the same way. Mangoes are not just fruits, they are a piece of heaven and where there is talk of love and heaven, somewhere around, you will definitely find Tohfay, wandering and waiting for you to ask for help because that’s what Tohfay does, it makes relationships stronger.


Hence, this mango season, Tohfay has introduced the very adorable mango shaped mango basket and added many delicious mango products to the menu such as these mouthwatering cakes that melt in your mouth and leave you with a dazzling after effect of sweetness and happiness! 5 For many people, the blazing heat is nothing but the devils trial however, for mango lovers; it’s a blessing in disguise. We long for summers so we can have the taste of the best creation on this planet earth. Tohfay is not just eager to please the customer but also imaginative. The team knows the significance of creativity and the value of every smile. Hence, this mango season the team of Tohfay has designed enchanting greeting cards and diversified its gift list with not just sweet mangoes but bitter sweet achar. For cherry on top, the cards can be customized in any way the client wants, so that 100% satisfaction is achieved The summer is harsh and the need to keep ones self-hydrated and nourished is a salient demand of the body. So keep yourself healthy with just a click!  Because with, your loved ones don’t have to step out.

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