Eid is no less than your favorite actors COMING SOON big blockbuster. You wait for it with butterflies and excitement day and night, but what the uncles and aunties and dadas and dadis know not is we have our eyes on their wallets!

In my house, 10 days before eid, all of the kids get down to their best behavior, sleeping on time, keeping the house clean, studying for no apparent reason, cuddling with mothers. They think we don’t understand, but we do, we’ve been there done that! No matter what happens, and how the traditions change and generations alter, the excitement for EIDI will never end and amend! It’s adorable to watch every age group await their eidi.


This eid, Tohfay has brought new ways of giving eidi to your loved ones. As times have changed, I feel that the need to have more and more money has decreased than the need to be more and more happy has become our top priority! So lets change the trend of giving just money to giving gifts and money, of course the more the merrier as they say!

0_1374659975Money is something we use and spend within seconds, gifts we can keep for eternity even if they fade away or tear down. this eid we advice you to gift your family some love and affection in the form of sweet dishes, clothes, bangles for her and many more amazing gifts!

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