Last Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping adds an extra edge to making a Gift Special. No matter how expensive or ordinary it costs you, wrapping it the right way can make it look fabulously presentable. Sometimes even some minor touches in the wrapping can make a huge difference. There are situations when we don’t have enough time to go get fancy wrapping papers and end up needing one at the last moment. Here are a few unique yet easy ways to give your gift a nice and perfect look without spending much of your money.


-Sugar Brown Paper: Decorate your gift with the brown grocery paper bag as it can be easily found in your home and won’t cost you much. Cut them out and use them as a wrapping paper for your gift. Add string or lace for a bit extra pizzazz.


-Newspaper: In case you don’t have any other option, you may utilize old newspapers to wrap the gift. Be it chocolates or perfume, wrappit with a newspaper to add a unique touch. You can also dip the newspaper in coffee to give it a vintage look. And tie it around with a cute and colorful bow.

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-Map: Another way to give your gift an extra special look is to wrap it around with old atlas or calendar papers. It will not only save your money but also give your present a special look.


-Fabric: Wrapping gift in a fabric is a nice alternative to the wrapping paper. Different pieces of old clothes and scarves can be used. It’s another durable and stylish way of packing.

fabric-gift-wrapping1 chewing-the-cud-gift-wrap-fabric

If all else fails, you always have

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