It’s All about Feelings & Relationship Gifting!

It’s All about Feelings & Relationship Gifting!

Everyone has a world of their own. It’s an invisible creation by the human; a place where we individuals are the super heroes, we are the past, the present and the future. This world has our business, our education, our achievements and our daily lives that add up to our better tomorrow, my better tomorrow, but what this world does not include is the very important “you.” In the midst of making the “I” so accomplished, we have forgotten the value of “you.”

We need to remind ourselves that sweet heart, it’s okay to not work at times, because we are not machines, we are full of heart human beings who are lovers, daughters, sons, friends and siblings. We are soulful and our soul needs affection. Success is important, but it’s secondary because one day when you have a billion dollar car and not a single loved one to drive it with, what satisfaction would that bring to you?



So for all of you, who have just felt a sudden need to remind your dear ones around the world that you’re still there, thinking about them, praying for them and longing for their hugs, send gifts through Tohfay and share your success with the people who would die for you.





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