Happy Teachers’ Day!

Teaching is perhaps one of the most underrated professions in the realm of careers. Haven’t pursued a professional degree? Become a teacher. Had no success in the job market? Become a teacher. Don’t know what to do with your life? Become a teacher. Bored at home? Become a teacher. In short, teaching is widely considered as a last career backup for any and every one.

If you are one of those who subscribe to the afore-mentioned school of thought regarding the teaching career, you couldn’t be more wrong; all you need to do is spend a day inside a classroom to see the error of your ways.

Because, take it from me, teaching is no walk in the zoo. It requires an innate kindness that is imperative while dealing with little children. It requires an open mind which is willing to understand and accept that each and every child is different, that each child is special in a unique way.  It requires an in depth comprehension of the workings of a child’s mind and psyche. It requires a passion to teach, to pass on knowledge, to mould a mind and personality from scratch. It requires a presence of mind that wouldn’t be amiss at a government think tank (just how do you answer a kid who is hell bent on knowing why the color red is called red and not blue?). And finally, it requires endless patience by the truckloads. Miles and miles and miles and miles of endless patience to put up with the never-ending stream of seemingly inconsequential questions put forward by the children every time you issue a simple instruction.

So the next time you experience a whim to teach, pause and reflect, reconsider. Chances are, you will realize you need to be made of sterner stuff in order to be able to become a teacher. Because a teacher is not just a person standing in front of the blackboard, wielding a piece of chalk, no siree! A teacher is a guider, and an instructor, a mentor, a guru, who claims a status above all other professionals – because, simply put, there wouldn’t be any professions if there were no teachers to teach those areas of study.

So let us take a moment to honour and celebrate all the teachers out there who have been single-mindedly focused on one thing and one thing alone: raising the future generation right. Because today, 5th October, celebrates the World Teachers’ Day! Let your teachers know that all their hard work is appreciated and valued. Tell them that you wouldn’t be a success that you are now if it wasn’t for them. Send them a little token of your appreciation. Tohfay.com is here for your convenience, armed with flowers, cakes, chocolates, gift baskets, and whatnot, to help you choose the perfect gift for your perfect teachers.

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Happy Teachers’ Day, y’all!

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