Gifts With A Sentimental Touch

One can’t send a gift without having some type of an emotional attachment to it. A gift must have a special touch to it, something so special that the recipient can feel the love and affection deeply and dearly.What could bring this kind of emotion to a gift? Customization of course! Now, you can send gifts to Pakistan with a special kind of feeling, an affection that may be able to fulfil your absence. Customize gifts your way and watch team tohfay bring a huge smile on the faces of your loved ones.


Customize a mug with your family’s picture on it so with every sip of tea they take, they’l feel your love all the way from across the oceans.



You can also have something sweet written on the mug, such as the name of your loved ones or a loving quote!

0_pid_11713Creativity is what defines us! Now, customize the cover of a film, dedicating any character to a loved one, or reminiscing any old joke!

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