Fathers: Our Real Life Super Heroes


Reminiscing the days when I was young, my memory repeatedly reminds me of all the times when my father lifted me up, despite his back ache and put me to sleep regardless how long it took and how sleepy he himself was. They say men are stronger emotionally, they rationalize emotions and stand as backbone for their family, but I’ve watched my father break down in tears for me, I’ve witnessed him pray for me with teary eyes and I have seen him stay up nights and nights to make sure I’m doing okay while i was pulling all-nighters to study for my terrifying exams.


You see, life has a protocol, where we are young and difficult and our parents nourish us and laugh through our tantrums and then they grow old and we scream with irritation through theirs. As we age, we get so busy with our work and friends that we forget the last stage of this protocol where these two absolute strengths of our life will only just be the sweetest memory in our hearts and we won’t be able to touch them and feel their presence around us. There will be no more ‘apna kamra saaf kero” and “raat ko late anay par daantna”, no one to warn us of the friend who’ll take us down, and no one to hug us on failing our exams and say “ beta ayenda exams k peyse khud bharna”.  No matter how hard I try, this thought always breaks me to tears.



Therefore, for the ones who are lucky enough to have the shelter of a father, use this great chance to make it nothing but special for him and for those who have their beautiful mothers as a father, let me assure you that single moms are no less than fathers hence they have all the right to be wished father’s day. Send these amazing mugs, cards, dinner deals, watches and what not to your parents through https://www.tohfay.com/ and remind them that no matter how far you are, they are always on your mind.


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