DIY Gift Box & Candy Recipe


I like DIY projects that are easy, and don’t involve too many tools or time.  This adorable gift box fits the bill nicely using one half of a flat gift box, some card stock, scissors and tape (bone folder optional).  Here are the steps:

  1. To create the sleeve, wrap an 8-by-14-inch strip of card stock around your gift box to determine folds.Place it horizontally on a work surface. Using a bone folder press folds to create a sharp crease.
  2. Wrap the sleeve around the base of a gift box, overlapping the ends. Secure with double-sided tape. Reserve box lid for another gift box (so each set will give you 2 boxes).
  3. Using your printer, print these clip-art labels, or create your own, onto 8 1/2-by-11-inch heavyweight paper. Cut out strips to wrap around each box.
  4. Remove base from sleeve, and cut a piece of decorative tissue paper to fit inside base. Place pecan clusters nested in paper candy cups inside base. Slide on sleeve. Wrap a label around the sleeve and base, as shown, securing to sleeve with double-sided tape.
Now to fill the box you can choose any small candy and your gift is ready!

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