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The Little Angels

The greatest gift from God is the children we have and we must assure they are always happy and smiling. Tohfay is with you in this and has come up with the most loving combinations that every child would not … read more

Friends Like Family

The amount of times I have looked back and seen my friends clear my mess is uncountable. I am a very messy person and I don’t know what I would do if my friends weren’t standing beside me, to guide … read more

Gifts With A Sentimental Touch

One can’t send a gift without having some type of an emotional attachment to it. A gift must have a special touch to it, something so special that the recipient can feel the love and affection deeply and dearly.What could … read more


  Eid is no less than your favorite actors COMING SOON big blockbuster. You wait for it with butterflies and excitement day and night, but what the uncles and aunties and dadas and dadis know not is we have our … read more

Mango Lovin’

What my family and I have with mango is more of a love affair than anything else, and I’m sure most of you feel the same way. Mangoes are not just fruits, they are a piece of heaven and where … read more

Gifting Taken To A Whole New Level

For every business, their key to success is innovation. What “MORE” can you give to the customer, and tohfay never fails to surprise its audience. After nailing the “send gifts to Pakistan” trend, the team sat for hours and hours … read more