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Health & Fitness for Busy People

Health & Fitness for Busy People

Staying busy is a blessing for sure but not at the expense of you and your loved ones health.  Men and women both are guilty of ignoring their health while trying to do their jobs to perfection. They would skip breakfast but not sacrifice 20 minutes of sleep. They would spend 2 hours on Snapchat but not 30 minutes on walking. We all know this because we all are equally guilty of the same.

It’s easy to look for quick fixes and easy to do hacks that can fit your lifestyles instead of changing it. The most important thing to stay fit is to keep your mind healthy.  Our mind stays healthy if we are well fed, well slept and well worked.

But the problem is we are well fed but don’t eat healthy. Instead of having tea and biscuits in the morning we can have multi grain bread with butter or even better cereal with milk. Does it sound difficult? Easy way is to buy 250 ml skimmed milk cartons and keep one daily in your bag. Along with that take any cereal in your lunch box. Whenever you feel hungry instead of munching on unhealthy snacks you can pour the milk in your lunch box and eat a healthy and filling meal. This will help you keep full in your breaks, restricting unhealthy intake of carbs.

Add seasonal fruits in your diet too; keep a fruits with a knife on your dining table instead of the least accessible corner in your fridge. Add fruits in your meal to stay fresh & healthy.

Whereas for dinner stock some chicken from the market; make variety of soups as per your liking, load it with veggies and eat it with bran bread. If you feel that’s not enough you can have little bit food after it to make yourself happy. It’s very filling, try it.

Research says human body requires minimum 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night and in order to have sound sleep, avoid taking caffeine after later afternoon. Also one must limit their sugar intake as it takes 2 weeks to settle down.


So instead of tea it’s recommended to have green tea with a dash of honey, it will help detoxify & cleanse your body. On the other side, continue to deep breathe with positive mind and thoughts to have better sleep pattern.

Try increasing your water intake throughout the day to keep yourself fresh inside out. It is very important to take slow and steady steps in improving your lifestyle, you can never stay healthy in an unhealthy lifestyle. But if your 24 hours are healthy you will feel energetic, creative & happy with guilt free cheat days.