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Ramzan Blessings

Ramzan Blessings


It’s that time of the year again where offices are going to get over early and summer schools and universities will declare short days, but most importantly, it’s that time of the year where families will sit together and fight over who gets to eat the last jalebi on the iftar table. That’s the charm of our spirituality; it not just strengthens our faith in God but also nourishes our family ties.

Hence, this Ramzan, other than looking at my watch every 2 seconds to see how much more time there is till the beautiful sound of Azaan strikes my ear and I can let the pakoras make my life wonderful,  I have planned to spread love and positivity around me.  I believe that family no matter how far it is, and friends no matter how annoying they are, are the ones we want to spend occasions such as Ramzan with.



Distance being a barrier, has made our lives easier. Now we can spread smiles by sending flowers, cakes, chocolates, spiritual gifts, meal deals & iftar/dinner vouchers as gifts to our friends & family in Pakistan through just a few simple steps.


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However, friends remember! It’s just not about a month of love, but a year of gifts and happiness. Therefore in this holy month, let’s join hands with Tohfay and not forget the less privileged in the society who are not as affording. Tohfay also offers you to send biryani daig as a gift to those poor & needy or arrange iftari/dinner for them. Because Tohfay has a wide range of products whether big or small with the lowest costing 200 rupees because #dekh bhai, gift chota hay tou kia hua, dil bara hona chahye!