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Flowers bring joy and serenity to all those who receive them, whether it be a regular bouquet of mix roses with glads or a simple single stem imported rose like from Beauty and the Beast. With, you too can be the person to make someone’s day with our colorful variety of sweet smelling exquisite floral arrangements. Flowers are the best remedy from greeting somebody to making up with your loved ones. It can be sent as gifts on all occasions or bought for your own self to decorate your house.

Celebrating International Flowers Day with gives you an advantage to bring that cute smile on the faces of your family & friends in Pakistan. From sending it to your mother in a customized Mother mug for your Super Mom to appreciating your dad with this Mai Baap Mug all the effort & hard work he put in to raise you, this is the perfect gift to send on their special days anywhere across Pakistan.


Passion can be expressed through roses and what better way to say than to gift a friend or loved one in these colorful buckets & watering pot. Not only this but sending your beloved on Valentine’s Day, how about this Red Heart Shaped Box with Red Roses & Chocolates, to have hearts in their eyes for you!








Tohfay offers various ways to present your flowery gift from imported buckets from China to hand painted fences & kettles, from Hanging Flower Cages to heart shaped baskets to colorful bouquet arranged in a promising manner. No matter what the gift is, the whole purpose of giving is to strengthen relationships with loved ones and ensure their day goes as aromatically as yours.