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Celebrity gifting

Celebrity gifting

For every business, their key to success is innovation. What “MORE” can you give to the customer, and Tohfay never fails to surprise its audience. After nailing the “Send Gifts to Pakistan” trend, the team sat for hours and hours contemplating ways they could be of further service to the customers  and ALAS! They came to the realization that the growth of media in terms of soaps and films has led to a monumental hype amongst the people. Now, a new Lollywood film is not looked down at, but waited anxiously for. Every Pakistani drama is not just watched locally, but internationally, so much so that Bollywood celebrities have been spotted leaving tweets and instagram posts, admiring the concept, acting and direction of our dramas.

As fans of our exceedingly diligent Actors, the least that we can do is recognize their hard work and appreciate their skills coming from someone who’s acted herself, believe you me, it may look all happening and cheerful, but when you have to shoot outdoors in the scorching heat, even flowers tend to fade away! So ladies and gentlemen, now you can send gifts to celebrities just by placing once simple order, if this seems unbelievable, here are some pictures for proof.









The absolute charming men and women, don’t work 9-5 pm, because the work that they sweat on is timeless. Waking up at 4 AM in the morning and not going to bed till 2 AM at night is nothing new for them.  Yes, they have the perks of fame, but don’t they truly deserve it?


Make their perks even more fulfilling by personally sending them presents. The gifts don’t necessarily have to be out right expensive because a present is not judged by the money it costs, but the thought it conquers!