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Lets Wrap It Up, Folks!

Adding details to your gift makes it extra special. You would hardly get your best friend the most amazing piece of jewellery and hand it over to her in a plastic theli now, would you?

No, no no,no. What you do is root around for a box, nestle the item in it carefully on tissue or cotton, and then wrap the box up real pretty. Perhaps add a little bow on top. It makes all the difference in the world.
Here are some simple ideas which will up your gift wrapping game to the next level, and make your gift a touch more special. Because sometimes, a little added detail shows that you care <3
Out of ribbon? Worry not, grab a marker and draw one yourself. Easy peasy. And super chic.
Use some coloured construction paper and turn your gifts into fruits! Yummilicious!
Add a little pom-pom and draw cutesie eyes and smileys to give your loved ones some happy gifts!
Glam up his gift by pasting bow and tie cut-outs. He will be tickled!
No idea how to wrap that tiny little trinket you got for your loved one? Worry not, and make this super cute pyramid gift box! Fabulous!
Only have some boring brown wrapping paper? Use strips of scrap paper to add some candles to the birthday gift! Your loved will be blown away, promise!
A touch of sophistication is always a bonus! Wrap some lace and ribbon onto the gift to give it that chic, glamorous look.
Giving multiple presents to someone? Build a snowman!
Happy Gifting, folks!
Psst! Don’t have the time or the opportunity to customize your gifts? Head over to to let us handle the task for you. We would love to help you out! 😀

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