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Hajj Mubarak!

Baqra Eid is over, and life is almost back to its usual (read: boring) routine. But for those of us whose relatives went for Hajj, the season isn’t over yet. There is that inevitable excitement of their return, the eager wait for that special moment of their arrival, the in-depth discussion of their pilgrimage and the consequent re-run of each and every single one of their experiences. Oh, how glorious it feels to be able to share this indescribable happiness with your loved ones.

Some of you, however, are too far away to greet and congratulate them personally. It is a desolately lonely feeling to know that while you are thousands of miles away from your loved ones, they are all together in the same place. Tohfay understands how you feel, and knows that you wish to participate in this joyous occasion and congratulate them with a token of your love. And so it brings you a range of Hajj gifts for your beloved Hujjaj.

Visit to send Hajj gifts to your loved ones!

Visit to send Hajj gifts to your loved ones!

There are delicious mithais, scrumptious cakes and mouthwatering chocolates, fragrant flower arrangements and garlands, stitched and unstitched clothes, perfumes and ittars, as well as prayer mats, rosaries and Quran sets. Appropriate for the occasion, these gifts are bound to put a smile on your beloved Hujjajs’ faces. Also available are gift baskets and combos to make your gifting experience even more convenient.

Celebrate heartily with your friends and family on the successful completion of their auspicious pilgrimage, but don’t forget the shaheed Hujjaj and their families in your prayers. May Allah grant them the highest place in Jannah. Ameen.