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Parents: A Piece Of Heaven On Earth



We are all too well acquainted with the century old lines like : “parents are a divine gift from God” or “they will sacrifice their lives for our well being” or “they scold us for our own good”. True, all of this is spot-on but this parents day let us dig deeper and really reflect upon the little gestures they make that no non parent would ever do without having second thoughts. From washing our smelly garments to ensuring we are well fed (overlooking the punishing ways they take for that surety ) , from giving that last spoon of ice cream to us to not eating at all if need be, from getting upset over the tiniest of scars to not stressing us with the thousands of problems they are facing by always having a smile plastered across their faces to an endless amount of little things that we can’t even begin to count, parents are truly a blessing in disguise (there, another clichéd line) and no amount of money gestures or whatsoever can ever square for what they have gone through for us and would not falter in repeating the process all over.

So to all the children out there, no matter how old you are, use this day to send love to your parents and remind them that they are always in your thoughts.

P.s: Make every day special for your parents, like they love us every day without count, without complain, endlessly


There is no celebration without flowers! send this gorgeous vase of flowers for you darling parents.

pd1Take this day to thank your parents, for the looks, the humour, the education, the prayers, the upbringing and most of all the tireless love and attention


This Parents Day, give your parents a wall poster which can constantly remind them that their naughty children no matter where on earth they are, are missing them and thinking about them.

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