Monthly Archives: October 2014 spreads Happiness at TEDx Karachi 2014

TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.” It supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community. The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.

At TEDx events, a screening of TED Talks videos — or a combination of live presenters and TED Talks videos — sparks deep conversation and connections at the local level. TEDx events are planned and coordinated independently, under a free license granted by TED.

The theme of this year’s TedxKarachi – held at the Karachi Arts Council on September 27th 2014 – was “rise above”. It invoked Allama Iqbal’s couplet “khudi ko kar buland” to give the theme some direction and purpose. It also tied in the concept of one person rising above to elevate all of society with the quote “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

Speakers were invited from a range of disciplines – philanthropist, marketer, artist, parent, entrepreneur, dancer, singer, actress.

11 speakers had 18 mins each to deliver their version of what “rising above” meant to them. And while not all speakers stayed within this limit or told compelling stories, many did and received inspired standing ovations from the crowd of some 400 people in attendance. Some speakers worth mentioning are Mobin Ansari, Sania Saeed, Mariam Paracha of Spoken Stage, Jamil yusuf and Ahsan Jamil of Aman Foundation.

It was an evening full of motivation, enlightenment and a few happy tears that were brought forth by hearing beautiful life stories that touched the hearts of the audience. was also participating as supporting sponsor as well as created an activity which left an impact as well as a smile on the attendees’ faces and hearts. A small Tohfay box was placed in the TEDx bag which was handed to whoever was attending the event. After one of the video screening on The Gifts and Giving the Master of Ceremony and event curator Umair Jaliawala asked the audience to take out the boxes and share it with someone sitting near you. the small boxes contained a delicious custom made sweet and a motivational quote according to the current TEDx theme of “Rise Above”. The extra fun bit was that 30 boxes amongst all of the 400+ contained a big surprise. Tohfay enhanced the experience of Giving and Sharing later by requesting 15 of the 30 who received the surprise to send someone they loved or knew a gift through them free of cost and the other 15 were given some gift boxes and asked to give whatever was in the boxes further to anyone they like.

The idea was to experience the joy of sharing, caring and Giving. The activity was received with appreciation as well as excitement. The concept that has always followed of Spreading Happiness around was highlighted as well as executed perfectly through the TEDx Event.

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