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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air. It is the mark of the beginning of a whole new year. A time when plants begin to bloom and nature wakes up from its wintery slumber. Everywhere you look, you find animals scurrying busily from their nests for food, flowers and new buds opening and a sense of freshness in the air. This is one of the perfect times in the year for you to send someone special a bouquet of flowers or a gift that is comprised of Nature’s goodness. allows you to send the best and freshest of Nature’s bounties to your beloved ones just at the click of a mouse.

Be it fresh fruits that are healthier and fresher in spring or flowers like roses, gladiolas, lilies, tulips and others, you can send them to Pakistan to your beloved friends and family members. Let them enjoy the wholesome bounty of the spring season. 0_pid_3554Give them baskets of apples, bananas, oranges and strawberries, handpicked from the best of the produce.

Spring is considered the best time of the year. The weather is neither very cold nor very hot, making it ideal for spending days out in the town or relaxing. You can send a beloved one in Pakistan on a day at relaxing spa’s or even for romantic lunches/dinner. has exclusive Spa Relaxation packages, Getaway packages; Vacation Packages even Lunch/Dinner Packages in the best and most renowned establishments all over Pakistan.

Make this incoming spring a time of celebration for your friends and family members. Give the love of your life gifts like Lawn Suits from Pakistan’s best clothing brands like Gul Ahmed and designer clothwear like Arung and more stunning dresses.0_pid_10343 How about giving your little ones back to school presents like Stationary Sets, Pencil Boxes, Art Sets and more? It will make them look forward to school and a year of learning.

So what if you’re not here in Pakistan? Just order a gift of your choice from the huge collection of gift items at the website and we will ensure that your gift item is delivered to the doorstep of your beloved friend/family member in absolutely perfect quality. Be it flowers, fruits, gift boxes, chocolates or even cakes. has a huge variety of cakes to cater to everyone’s sweet tooth. From chocolate cakes and cheesecakes to fudge cakes and vanilla cakes, we get our heavenly confectionaries from all of the best bakeries in Pakistan, like Hobnob, Pie in the Sky, Marriot Hotel bakeries, Sheraton Hotel bakeries and many more.