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The Valentine Way

There is no room for a debate in the fact that Valentine’s Day brings with itself an expectation of a gift. Valentines-Gift-Box-6-600x400Shower your beloved with gifts and expressions of love of year round but when Valentine’s Day comes around, a gift is still expected even if you brought them a Mercedes on the 13th of February. So the best thing to do is go and get a good gift.

This brings us to the next biggest problem which men have to face. What to get their beloved for Valentine’s? Hakuna Matata. It means no worries, Tohfay is here for you. We have a huge selection of gift items for you choose from. Just keep one thing in mind when shopping for a gift for her.

Practical Gifts is always the best way to go: Getting a gift for Valentine’s Day especially online shopping in Pakistan is still a relatively new and hence iffy concept. We don’t also recommend going to just any website and making purchases, rather a little research would help you, like website history, its age, its parent company, etc. like for instance is active for more than 10 years.

Once you’ve found a trust worthy site, then you start looking for products. Don’t buy anything which after its unwrapping and initial wows and ooohs will be found lying in the dustbin after a few days. That’s not good for both you. Instead, get her something she can either use personally or for the benefit of the house. But that doesn’t mean you get her something you’d want to. For instance, you go buy her a new tool box. It’s a gift which she can use around the house. That’s a big No!


The right way to go would be to send her fragrances to Pakistan or clothes, accessories, cosmetics or even body products. 0_pid_3439If you can get branded goods, that’s even better. You never know, she might have an eye on Gucci’s newest purse or Gul Ahmed’s dress from their latest collection. Some products are always welcome like goods from the Body Shop or perfumes. How about thinking a little about the last time you two were out and she mentioned something that she liked? That often makes the best gift because the person usually forgets and when you get them that item they are touched because you remembered. Or else chocolates are always a good idea. Women love chocolates accompanied by flowers.